December 2015

Client story - Kerstin

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This story has been written by Kirsten and she read it out to other clients in a group session to encourage them.

My story about my life as homelessness!

Hi everyone my name is Kerstin and I am homeless about 10 weeks now.
10 weeks ago I nearly died, I took a big overdose co -codamol and one bottle whisky, my heart stopped but I pulled through because God watched over me.  Now I am happy to be alive.

The Welcome Centre helped me a lot and I am fighting for my rights. I am also volunteering for the Salvation Army as a bike mechanic trainer and I am enjoying this. I am learning more skills and I am campaigning for the Salvation Army. I signed up 25 new members in 5 days for the Better Housing Project being created in East London.  My housing has to be sorted out and I will be going into the Salvation Army shelter until then.

Life goes on for me because life is too precious for me now. I also have to go to court but I know everything will be ok. I am starting a course in January 2016 with Learn Direct. I will learn about hospitality, health and social care.

I passed my entry level 3 with the highest level 3 and I have my interview for my courses. I am so proud of myself and what I have achieved so far. Life goes on and I am fighting for my rights. The Welcome Centre staff helping me so much and the Salvation Army as well.

I only have to say never ever give up. I have done it and you can do it.
You have to believe.

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